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Our June 2000 Cover

"Partners," 16" x 20" oil painting by Cindy Barton-Pickell created for farrier Danny Haag of Cool, California, who has fallen very ill. "The inspiration for this painting came to me as I thought back to the days when I was a little girl with my first $100 horse. From two sources I learned a great deal more about horses. One source was The Complete Book of Horses and Ponies and the other was from my horseshoer. Every eight weeks, my shoer came and filled my head with stories, local gossip, knowledge and encouragement. I considered my horse and horseshoer my partners - and, like a good partner, we don't allow the other to go down the long trail with a lost shoe. This painting reflects my horseshoer and me, fixing that lost shoe."

11" x 14" posters of this artwork are available for $30. Proceeds from poster sales will benefit an emergency fund for Danny. For information on how to purchase one of the posters, call ANVIL Magazine at  530/333-2142 or email us at:

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