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Using Aluminum Horseshoes on Quarter Horses
by Walt Koepisch, Jr.
Bottom line: Improve the horse's way of going.

An amazing variety of designs for this tool.

ABANA '96 Gallery
photos by Rob Edwards
More of the exquisite work displayed at this year's conference.

John Carson Hartin (1844 - 1925)
by Harold Martin
Pioneer blacksmith from Ireland in the Wild West.

Review of "Hoof Balance & Lameness"
by William Moyer, DVM & James Schumacher, DVM
Favorable comments on the paper by Dr. Olin Balch, et al.

Stoneleigh International, 1996
Wales dominates.

Horseshoer's Journal
from a very old book
A promise.

by Timothy Sebastian
Events in the life of the Greek god of fire.

A Christmas Fable
by David Alexander
A prize-winning story from The Thoroughbred Record.

Best Shod
photos by Rob Edwards
The Draft Horse Classic with Edward Martin.

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Blasts from the Bloomery - Highlights of 1996
by Rob Edwards

Editorial - Honor Roll
by Diana Mead Jordan


Interview with Bob & Beth Garner
by Rob Edwards


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