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11th Annual Bluegrass Laminitis Symposium
by David Millwater, RJF
"...climaxed with the dropping of the 'H' bomb..."

Welding Aluminum
by Dan Bradley, photos by Rob Edwards
The ins and outs of working with this metal.

The Making of a Chili Pepper
by Helmut Hillenkamp, photos by Rob Edwards
Tube steel revisted.

History of Blacksmithing: techniques & materials
by Robert M. Heath
Differences in iron from country to country are explored, and much, much more.

Study Reveals Link between Toe Grabs & Injuries at the Racetrack
by Laura Grubb with Albert J. Kane, DVM, MPVM
How do toe grabs lead to these injuries?

The Yin-Yang Theory of Energy applied to horses and man, Part II
by Jerry R. Jones
"The horse must be able to trust you with his foot."

Trailer Loading: a common-sense approach
by G.F. "Andy" Anderson, DVM & Rahel M. Klapheke
"The smallest try on the part of the horse should be rewarded."

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Blasts from the Bloomery - Relevancy
by Rob Edwards

Editorial - A Piece of my Soul
by Rick Burton


Interview with G.F. "Andy" Anderson, DVM & Bill Hackler
by Rob Edwards

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