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Farriers & Blacksmiths of the Civil War
exerpts from The Cavalry: The Photographic History of the Civil War
Edited by Theo F. Rodenbough

Fremlin's Forgery: Making a Forged Rose
by Keith Fremlin

Making Iron in Alabama
by Bob Heath

Bob Marshall & the Four Shoe Exercise
by Kathleen Meyer

10 Common Complaints from horse owners about the way farriers do business
by Beth Howe

by F. Thomas Breningstall

Pounding out the Profits
excerpts from the book Pounding out the Profits
by Douglas Freund

Forge & Anvil
a video series with Alan Rodgers
review by Rob Edwards

Basic Blacksmithing
a video series with Robb Gunter
review by Rob Edwards

Montana Professional Horseshoers Contest
Fall 1997
photography by Rob Edwards

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Blasts from the Bloomery - A picture in perspective...
by Henry Heymering


Interview with Scott Davidson
by Rob Edwards

Book Reviews
by Chuck Hamsa