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MetalFab - Santa Fe, New Mexico
photos by Rob Edwards

The Blacksmith Shop:
Forge Co., Inc. and the Forgery School of Blacksmithing

Blacksmith How-to with Robb Gunter
photos by Rob Edwards

Control the Load Shared Between the Hoof Wall and the Sole
If You Unload it, it will Heal
Last in a 4-part Series
by Sandy Loree

The Coloring of Architectural Metal
by David A. Baird
photos courtesy of Historical Arts & Castings, Inc.

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Blasts from the Bloomery
Why Farriers Need Formal Credentials, and a Guild to Issue Them
by David Millwater, RJF

Editorial - "Friendly Advice"
by Chris Gregory

Letters to the Editor

Interview with Rudi Kerckhaert
by Rob Edwards