In Honor of both Father's Day and Mother's Day

by J. Wayne McArthur

Published in the June 2001 Issue of Anvil Magazine

This poem was written as the dedication in J'Wayne McArthur's book, "The Cowboy Life: In Short Stories and Poems"

To My Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,

I appreciate your interest and encouragement in my many endeavors. It takes someone to believe in you and your work to give you the courage and fortitude to write down your feelings. Within these pages are written my memories and dreams that you helped make possible. Thank you for a good example and for letting me make my way trail through life when I was young.

When I was young I couldn't see,
All that you had done for me.
An only child, I had lots to learn.
For my good, you had much concern.

I left home at an early age.
It was my time to write a page.
It was hard for you to let me go,
But that was the way for me to grow.

The ranch life was fit for me.
I liked the feeling of being free.
I tried to make the right decisions,
Guided by your ever-present visions.

As I traveled over land and sea,
The thought of you stayed with me.
I have seen parents good and bad,
But you have never made me sad.

Now I have a son of my own,
I'm not sure I want him grown.
As he grows I want him to know
The things that helped me grow.

Pride in your parents is a special thing.
It's something to which I can always cling.
In return for the love of you both so dear,
I want you to know my love is sincere.
-Your son

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