blasts from the bloomery

A New Format

by Rob Edwards, Publisher


Published in the Jan - Feb 2002 Issue of Anvil Magazine

This is your first issue of ANVIL Magazine for the year 2002- hopefully, a far better year than 2001 was. You will notice that this is the January/February issue. The next issue will be March, our American Farriers Association Convention issue. We will publish every other month for the rest of the year with the exception of December, which includes next year's annual wall calendar, for a total of seven issues. This new format will offer you more New Product information (in our March issue), more how-to-do-its and more editorial content per issue.

The Numbers

Most of you already realize what the numbers are for in the upper right corner of the Blasts page. For those who don't or are new to the magazine, these three figures indicate what we feel are the high, medium and low-range of the cost of shoeing a horse in the United States currently. Many farriers use this as a guide for pricing their work.

Our subscribers now have access to over 500 articles from past issues of ANVIL Magazine on our web site, We will also be adding more articles to our web site monthly which do not appear in current issues of the magazine. Look on the Table of Contents page of your current issue of ANVIL Magazine to obtain that month's Username and Password. To gain access to these articles, go to our web site and log in using the current Username and Password. We are putting more articles on our web site as we speak, and will continue to do so each month.

The Anvil Online Marketplace

ANVIL Magazine also has an Online Marketplace where up-to-date information is available on products and services which is of definite interest to our readers. When you see an ad in the magazine, you can go directly to and get all the information that you need about that advertiser.

We hope you like our new format, and our best wishes for 2002 from all of us at Anvil Magazine.

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