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What's Up

by Rob Edwards, Publisher

Published in the March 2002 Issue of Anvil Magazine

With the March issue, ANVIL Magazine is introducing two new columns. One is a reader-generated how-to section by James Melchor and Peter Ross. (We received the largest response ever from our readers on their four-part article July - October, 2001!)

Submit your question to ANVIL Magazine by way of telephone, e-mail or fax, and we will forward it on to the blacksmiths in charge. They will make the object; the final result will be in the form of an article, illustrating the process with appropriate photographs. Submit your questions for Mr. Melchor and Mr. Ross and they will begin work on it for all of us to see.

The second new feature is our "Tips" column. ANVIL Maga-zine will pay $25 for any helpful farriery or blacksmithing tips that we publish. Our distinguished scholarly friend, farrier Dan Bradley, starts the column with this issue; see page 38 for his helpful suggestions.

I would like to point out to you a most informative article entitled, "Using Your Body Intelligently," by Gabrielle Pullen, LMT. Please do yourself a favor and read the article, look at the pictures, lay on the floor and follow the instructions listed under each photograph. You will be amazed at how these simple stretches can have such a profound influence on your physical well-being.

At our web site,, we served up over 70,000 pages last month to visitors. There are now over 500 farriery and blacksmithing articles available to our subscribers on our web site. For access, the username and password for each month and the following month is listed on the Table of Contents of each issue. Feel free to browse some of your favorite ANVIL Magazine articles, or ones you might have missed.

And last but not least, send your letters to us for our Letters to the Editor column; we're always happy to print them and to hear what you're thinking-good, bad, or otherwise.

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