Blasts from the Bloomery . . .
"The Change Will Do You Good"

© Rob Edwards

published in ANVIL Magazine, August 1997

“The change will do you good...” Cheryl Crow, songwriter

If you haven’t noticed yet, you certainly will see a departure from our normal layout in this issue of ANVIL Magazine. What you don’t see is a considerable change behind the scenes in regard to our relationship with our printer. Nowadays, printers want you to hand them a computer disk with the entire contents of the magazine on it. They can insert the disk in their computer and completed film comes out the other end. Publishers are forced to use contemporary technological methods to be compatible with printers, or the costs of production become prohibitive.

Consequently, we have made several dramatic changes here at ANVIL Magazine -- in equipment, personnel and methods.

As noted in last month’s editorial, Diana Jordan is no longer our managing editor. This is certainly one of the downsides of our changes. Diana has managed the production of the magazine since 1991 and has been instrumental in guiding its editorial focus. Her organizational skills are already sorely missed; however, she has left us with a legacy of production quality and editorial integrity which will be adhered to as we progress into the future.

Instead of a managing editor, we now have an art director: Michael Leonardini. Actually, there is a lot more to the job than the name “art director” would imply. Michael’s responsibilities not only include magazine production but also preparing the entire magazine for the printer in digitized form - which, by the way, will make it much easier to update ANVIL Online - our Internet Web site.

Another addition to our staff is photographer Keith Sutter. You have seen his work in advertisements for St. Croix Forge and G.E. Forge & Tool, Inc. In this issue, his talents are displayed in the New Products section and you will soon see his work in other ANVIL Magazine pictorials.

As they say, there is nothing as constant as change...

Both farriery and blacksmithing have very bright futures and ANVIL Magazine is making an effort to bring you the latest information on both these industries.

Rob Edwards/Publisher

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