Blasts from the Bloomery . . .
The Guild of Professional Farriers

published in ANVIL Magazine, October, 1996

On August 10, 1996, well-known professional farriers from all over the USA gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, to set about the difficult task of creating the first and only organization in the country run by and consisting entirely of professional farriers. After long and sometimes heated discussion and debate, these men forged the Guild of Professional Farriers.

The Guild features a membership made up of farriers who meet high Registered Journeyman Farrier technical standards, and have a minimum of four years of experience in the field. These four years of field experience are what make Guild membership requirements higher than the highest credential level of any other American farrier organization. And in the spirit of continuing education, the Guild also offers a Master's level registration, requiring a display and utilization of knowledge and expertise over and above what is needed for every-day practical field work.

For more information you can contact the Guild of Professional Farriers by letter at P.O. Box 684, Locust, North Carolina 28097, USA. by E-mail, or by phoning the Guild Secretary at 704-536-0397. Also, you can visit the Guild website right here, by going to the Farrier & Horse Owner Resource Center, selecting the Associations section, then selecting National Associations.

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