Blasts from the Bloomery . . .
The May Issue

© Rob Edwards

published in ANVIL Magazine, May 1997

You'll notice that the May issue of ANVIL Magazine, unlike previous May issues, is a normal issue with the usual interesting and diverse articles for farriers and blacksmiths. You will find them both informative and valuable tools to increase your knowledge, income and general well-being in a professional business sense. After all, that's what this publication is all about.

We have published the annual Buyer's Guide, just as we do every May; however, this year we've elected not to print it in the magazine. Instead you will find it on the Internet at our Web site: We will keep it updated throughout the year so that you can call it up and download it anytime and have up-to-the-minute information. The ANVIL Magazine Buyer's Guide will continue to be the source of information within the farrier and blacksmithing communities. And now, it will be current whenever you need it.

As part of our Reprints Program the entire text, or any part of the Guide, can be printed out and mailed to those who want it for a nominal charge. It is also available on disk.

Advertising in the ANVIL Magazine Buyer's Guide has always been an excellent marketing value. And to keep it that way for our May advertisers, we are giving them a free Web page for three months on our Web site. To take a good look at their products or services just go the Advertisers' Index at, click on the companies that interest you and voila! . . . the Internet as it was intended, a whole new world of information.

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