#8 All Shapes and Sizes

c 2000 Richard Klimesh

Published in the February 2001 Issue of Anvil Magazine

2. first part of 5 down
6. a tall Irish pony with smooth gaits that make it an excellent riding pony
8. generally, a cold-blooded horse weighing 2000 pounds or more.
10. a horse's mother
11. small horse
12. striped African relative
14. refers to a horse's paternal parentage
15. an athletic horse with great stamina that is native to the barren, arid environment of
southern Russia: Akhal ____
17. the association of Palomino horse breeders
19. Cleveland ___; oldest of breeds native to England; always has black legs, mane and tail
21. a horse that is not registered with a breed association; might be a purebred without papers or a cross-bred
22. this pony breed roams the woodlands of southern ngland: ___ Forest Pony
25. a horse of pure-bred parents that have numbered certificates with a particular breed organization
26. refers to horses descended from heavy war horses and draft breeds; characteristics often include more substance of bone, thick skin, heavy hair coat, shaggy fetlocks; _____- blooded
28. named after a gait, this horse walks with the front feet and trots with the hind;
Missouri Fox ______
29. stallion plus jenny
30. a horse color registry with a characteristic golden body color and a light to white mane
and tail
1. stock-type horses with large blocks of white and black or white and brown
2. a type of horse that is large, strong and suitable for dressage, jumping, eventing, or
endurance; can be pure-bred or cross-bred
3. breed started about 200 years ago that traces its origins to Messenger, an English
Thoroughbred foaled in 1780; popular in harness racing
4. cross between a hot-blooded horse and a cold-blooded horse
5. came to America on ships with the Spanish explorers
7. Suffolk _____; a chestnut colored draft breed from England; also, to sock
8. equus asinus; the preferred pack animal of prospectors
9. middle part of 28 across
13. the species of the modern horse: ______ Caballus.
16. to mix breeds
18. a group of horses with common ancestors from which they have inherited certain
physical characteristics, such as the size and shape of their heads and bodies, the way they
move, and their color and markings
20. a riding horse is a ______ horse; in size between a draft horse and a pony
23. black horse with a very long mane and tail; native of the Netherlands
24. despite its name, this horse originated in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee; has
a solid body color and a natural, ambling gait: _______ Mountain Horse
27. a horse that stands fifty-eight inches (14.2 hands) or less
29. refers to horses having ancestors that trace to Thoroughbreds or Arabians: ___- blooded

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