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To most people the farrier is just the guy (or gal) who appears every few weeks in a battered pick-up, wrestles a few horses while nailing shoes on their hooves, and then disappears. But if you ever manage to get one of 'em talking, you'll hear some of the wildest, strangest, funniest stories on earth. It's a unique profession, and it creates some unique circumstances.

The stories in this section are arranged in alphabetical order, by title. To read one, select the title. Have fun!

Oh yeah, before we forget. If you have a humorous story or joke that you'd like to submit, please do so by following the instructions on the "submissions" page. Thanks.

Body by Farrier by Lyle Petersen

The Check is in the Mail.... by Baron Tayler

The Christmas Pig by Jack Wessels

The Farriers' Excuse Book by Andy Juell

A Horse of a Different Breed T.J. Jones' story as told by Linda Ralston Jones

The Last Beer by Bruce Northridge

The Legend of Blacksmith Isaiah by Jim Derrickson

The Night Before Christmas by Barry Henderson

RA$HA (The Rich and Scientific Horseshoers Association by Andy Juell

Rope Tricks by Rob Edwards

The Farrier's Excuse Book by Andy Juell

"The Secret" to BIG Profits by Baron Tayler\

Tools That Need Inventing  by Andy Juell

You're A Farrier If... by Henry Heymering, CJF, RJF

Your Horses Are On Fire by Baron Tayler

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