Shop Tools and Terms Crossword Puzzle

(c) 2000 Richard Klimesh

Published in the January 2001 Issue of Anvil Magazine

1. rough edge on steel from cutting or grinding
4. a metal tool with a sharp edge on one end
5. a type of power hammer that has the anvil separate from the
operating mechanism and machine supports: open _____
6. when the ram of a power hammer is raised: ______ position
11. self-locking pliers
12. also called a ram or plunger
13. moves belts from tight to loose pulleys or vice versa; also
moves belts on cones of speed pulleys
14. capable of being shaped or worked by hammering
16. a pattern
18. steel bars which have a cross-section of 90 degrees:
______ iron
21. refers to the grinding of a material or part which is held
in the operator's hands
22. similar to an upsetter
23. an operator control designed to immediately halt machine motion
24. angle grinder or _______ grinder
26. a bolt which has a square section under the head to keep
the bolt from turning
28. the center pin in the stationary end of the lathe that holds the
rotating material between the two lathe centers:
_______ stock
29. the colored oxidation on metal surfaces
30. a cone-shaped drill bit used to bevel the edge of a hole
left by a smaller drill: ________ sink
1. a short piece of wood having a handle like that of a plane and a shoulder
at the rear end; used for pushing short stock over revolving cutters
2. regulates the speed of an electric motor
3. a machine which rotates material for shaping by a cutting tool
4. to apply a skin-deep hardness to the outer surface of mild steel in
a forge fire: ______ harden
7. a tool holder held in alignment by guide posts and
bushings and consisting of a lower shoe, an upper shoe or punch
holder, and guide posts and bushings
8. cooling high-carbon steel at its critical heat very quickly so that it
becomes very hard: __________ quench
9. any type of work process such as shearing, punching,
forming, or assembling; doctors perform them, too
10. seating cutter or _________ cutter
15. cutting tool for a drill
17. sturdy, short-bladed shears that cut sheet metal
18. a shaft rotating in one or more bearings held by a frame
that is bolted down
19. the step down (or up) in a bar or plate
20. a cavity in which anything is formed or cast
21. the type of wheel that is bonded by means of an organic
material such as resin, rubber, shellac, or other similar
bonding agent
25. tapered pin used to align slightly unmatched holes
26. used as forge lining: fire ____
27. a device which acts as a guide to accurately file, fold,
bend, or form a workpiece

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