With Mike Boone

Forging a square corner

Published in the June 1999 Issue of Anvil Magazine
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This is the simplest way I have found to form a corner in a piece of barstock. I first came across this method in an issue of Jerry Hoffmann’s Blacksmith’s Journal.

1. The barstock is heated in the immediate vicinity of what will be the corner.
2. A wedge-shaped slitting tool is driven into the piece approximately 7/8 of the way through the stock.
3. The cut is then opened up over the edge of the anvil.
4. It is bent all the way into a right angle.
5. Using a ball peen hammer, one edge is scarfed.
6. And then the other edge is scarfed.
7. The piece is then gently bent back onto itself 180o, overlapping the two scarfs.
8. The corner is put back into the fire and forge welded, using several light blows.
9. It is put back into the fire again and the weld is finished up.
10. The corner is squared up over the face of the anvil.
11. Both the corner at the heel of the anvil and the side of the anvil are used to true up the piece.
12. A fullering tool is used for ornamentation. The first series of blows are very light to mark the line.
13. Heavier blows are then used to form the fullering.
14. And there you have the finished corner, which can be used in any number of ornamental ironwork pieces.

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