The Night Before Christmas

© Barry Henderson

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the stable,
Poor Santa was panicked, his reindeers weren't able.
They had eaten alfalfa that made them all sick,
So he needed some reindeer, and he needed them quick.
Poor Santa, he called every stable in sight, just to find that the reindeer had left for the night.
All that were left were the horses and sheep,
so Santa, poor Santa, he started to weep.
Then a sheep came up, and said with a bleat,
"Take the horses, dear Santa, and not us poor sheep!"
A gleam then appeared in the eye of Saint Nick,
"Why not?" said Santa, "It might do the trick!"
So he loaded the toys to the brim of his sleigh,
and with a nod and a neigh, they were on their way.
"On Shilo, on Vodka, on Squire, on Tide,
on Jordache, on Reno, on Lady, and Clyde."
To the top of the fence, to the top of the wall,
"Now dash away, dash away, dash away, all!"
On through the night they traveled afar, from roof top to roof top, bouncing off stars.
They came in for a landing so lightly and quick
that Clyde threw a shoe which he caught on a brick.
"Call for the farrier," shouted St. Nick,
"Call him out now, and call him out quick."
The blacksmith arrived on the scene in a flash,
he said, "Yes, I'll do it, but only for cash."
Aghast, St. Nick drew back in dismay, for poor old Santa had no way to pay.
"Fear not," said the smithy, "For a kind heart have I,
I'll give you some credit in a wink of an eye!"
So Jolly Old Santa, aglow with delight,
packed up his toy bag to carry on with his flight.
He said with a chuckle as he flew out of sight,
"Merry Christmas dear farrier for you've saved this cold night."

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