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The Ultimate Legal Guide for Horse Owners and Businesses

by Julie I. Fershtman, attorney at law

Published in the August 2000 Issue of Anvil Magazine

Horses & the Law Publishing, P.O. Box 250696, Franklin, MI 48025-0696
Phone: 248/644-8645. Fax: 248/646-2557 E-mail:
Web site: ISBN: 0-9648430-1-3  240 pages  soft cover

The book is a companion to Ms. Fershtman's earlier book, Equine Law & Horse Sense and covers many new topics.

A lifelong horse enthusiast and a lawyer for 14 years, Julie Fershtman offers hard- to-find expertise in equine law. She has achieved numerous courtroom victories and has drafted hundreds of equine industry contracts. By using the information in this book, you can expect to learn the pitfalls of horse ownership and horse business, and ways to avoid them.

This book gives hard-to-find, valuable information on:

The Equine Activity Liability Laws. Equine activity liability laws are the cutting edge in equine law. Forty-four states have them. This book gives exact contract language for inclusion in contracts to comply with these laws and summarizes all known court decisions involving the laws. The book also contains an easy-to-read chart showing which laws require posting of signs and which affect contract language.

How to Improve any Equine Contract. The book offers tips for "fine- tuning" all equine contracts and making sure they comply with the law - even little- known laws like use tax laws and interest laws.

Money-saving Tips. The book explains how to improve your chances of winning back your legal fees in a dispute. Equine professionals can learn whether to establish partnerships, sole proprietors, limited liability companies, or corporations as well as how to improve their profitability and reduce their liability.

Balanced Coverage for Individual Horse Owners and Professionals. This book covers liability releases and how to make them more effective. It also addresses what to consider before signing a liability release. A section of the book covers practical ways to avoid disputes with trainers, stables and professionals.

Liability Avoidance Tips. The book covers everyday common-sense ideas on how people in the horse industry can avoid the liabilities that continue to plague the equine industry.

Hiring a Lawyer. How to hire a lawyer on your terms and at rates you can afford.

MORE Equine Law & Horse Sense is a valuable source of user-friendly, well- organized, easy-to-read information for those in the horse industry. Whether you are a long-time professional or a first-time horse owner, this book will be a very helpful addition to your library. The author gives clear, practical guidelines for understanding and avoiding common equine legal problems.

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