Emil John Carre'

by Stuart Greenberg

Born in Oakland, California,

November 1, 1946 - Died July 30, 2002

Published in the Aug - Sept 2002 Issue of Anvil Magazine

Emil John Carre' died at home in Gualala on July 30. Semi-retired because of back injuries, Emil and his wife recently moved from Oakdale to the Mendocino Coast to build a new home.

Emil was a farrier for 27 years, working throughout the United States. He held the position of president of the Western States Farrier Association and president of the American Farrier's Association for two terms.

He had many apprentices and loved teaching them and helping them to get started in the business.

Emil was legendary for both his skill and his character. A man of integrity, humor and compassion, he encouraged his friends to let down their pretenses and be real. He will be greatly missed by many.

He is survived by his wife Cate, and his son Gordon.

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A Prayer For Emil

A Prayer for Emil
God bless you, good sir
for what you have given
and continue to give
You have walked with dignity and grace
with us and among us.
You have taught us.
You have been an example for us.
A beautiful man, a great spirit,
the world is a better place because
of you, and we who have known
you are better people.
God's gifts of inspiration and wisdom
have been your gifts to us.

Articulate, insightful, wise, witty,
creative, artistic, studied and skilled,
The qualities of a Rennaissance man
who posessed the big, kind heart,
the refined easy manner,
the quiet bravado of a Cowboy.
For the love and good you have
brought to us and the four leggeds,
we will always be grateful to you.
We will carry your gifts in our hearts
with love, and in our minds with honor.

God bless you, good Sir.
Thank you for all you have given.
Thank you for all you have done.
Thank you for teaching us the lessons
learned and those yet to be learned.
Thank you for enriching our lives.

God bless you, good Sir.
May God shine his countenance
upon you and grant you Peace!


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