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(Effective February, 1996)

For the past 21 years, ANVIL Magazine has been The Voice of the Farrier and Blacksmith. This international monthly is distributed throughout the United States and in over 20 foreign countries and enjoys a readership of over 10,000 per issue. Our staff is always interested in your submission. We read and consider every contribution forwarded, as we sincerely believe that the responsibility of a good editor is to listen to many voices and to encourage writers to grow. We appreciate the efforts of our contributors, and when editing is necessary, we attempt to offer comment that promotes clarity. We reserve the right to edit in the interests of available space and clarity.

Contribution Categories


Events, personal profiles, question-and-answer interviews, local color, points of interest (e.g., museums, schools).


How-To-Do-It articles illustrated step-by-step smithing processes. Metallurgy, history, tools and forging techniques.


How-To-Do-It articles - illustrated step-by-step shoeing processes. Shoeing techniques and shoeing experience with horses.


Research, studies, documented reports by professional individuals.

Equine Training Information

Reports, studies and personal experiences related to handling, training and locomotion of the horse.


As it pertains to the farrier and blacksmith.


Individual experiences, shop safety tips, exercise and nutrition information, psychology of working with horses.

Book and Video Reviews on books and videos of interest to the industry.


Business and management articles for the farrier and blacksmith.

Guest Editorial

Personal opinion or consideration of an existing condition within the industry. Individual's name and phone number must be included with submission. (Also e-mail address if available.)

Submission Format and Requirements

Text : Formats listed in order of preference.

  1. Commitment of material, double spaced, to 3½" floppy disk with one (1) hard copy representation (printout, typewritten text, photocopy) of each submission. Computer files must be IBM compatible and utilize either WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or ASCII text files. Hard copies are required, should there be complications involved in disk submission retrieval.
  2. Typewritten, double spaced, 8½" x 11" white sheet paper ORIGINALS. Originals are most easily deciphered by our text image scanner.
  3. Computer printout or photocopy of typewritten material. Text must be double spaced

All submissions must be legible and must include the name, address and phone number of author. If previously published material, full credit information of prior publication and written release to reprint are required. In the case of technical, historical or controversial submissions, the reference sources, bibliography or verification may be requested. Illustrations in the form of original art work and photographs enhance the literature. Contributors are encouraged to illustrate articles whenever possible.

Photography: Formats listed in order of preference.

  1. Photgraphs in digital form. Mail to us on disk or transfer digital files via e-mail.
  2. High-contrast, high-clarity black-and-white or color photographs, labeled on backs for article reference.
  3. Color slides.

All photo submissions must be clearly identified and must include photographer's name, address and telephone number. Each individual photo should be clearly marked, preferably with paper label on the back with reference to the article. Names of subjects, dates and places or reference numbers to written sheet of captions are required. If previously published material, include full credit information of prior publication and written release to reprint.

Cartoons, Graphics, Illustrations: Must be original and the work of the artist of submission. Submissions must be clearly marked with name, address and phone number of the artist. In the case of illustration to text referrals, illustrations must be clearly marked in sequence. Black-and-white material is preferred. Computer files (TIF or other formats) of art work are welcomed.

Submission Dates

Material targeted for a particular issue must be in our editorial offices two months prior to the first day of the month of issue. In case of important events, special arrangements can be made to accommodate time-sensitive material.

Publishing Policy

ANVIL Magazine publishes first-run material and reprints of previously published articles. We reserve the right to reject material and to professionally edit any first-run works submitted.

ANVIL Magazine reserves the right to offer articles for reprints, which are available at cost.

In addition, ANVIL Magazine reserves the right to place articles on the ANVIL Magazine World Wide Web Page. These articles will carry the copyright of the author, e.g., "© John Smith." The ANVIL Magazine Web Page is an information resource.

Material Appearance Policy

First-run material under contract to ANVIL Magazine may not appear in another publication prior to its appearance in ANVIL Magazine

No material will be accepted for publication prior to review. No material will be considered in part, but must be forwarded in its entirety for editorial review.

Tear sheets of article/graphic appearance and a complimentary copy of the issue in which it appears are forwarded directly to author within 30 days of publication.


ANVIL Magazine and its staff do not manufacture, test, warrant, guarantee or endorse any of the tools, materials, instructions or products contained in any articles published. ANVIL Magazine disclaims any responsibility or liability for damages or injuries as a result of the use or application of any information published in ANVIL Magazine.

Mail, UPS, Federal Express, FAX Transmission, or E-mail.

You can send your submission in a host of ways. Below are four communication addresses to help expedite your submissions. With every correspondence, include your return address and phone number.

Mail to:

ANVIL Magazine
Post Office Box 1810
Georgetown, California 95634 USA

Federal Express and UPS to:

ANVIL Magazine
2770 Sourdough Flat
Georgetown, California 95634 USA

FAX transmissions to:

ANVIL Magazine 916-333-2906

Or you can submit your contributions by E-mail.

Payment for Contributions

Payment for submissions is made directly to the author within 30 days of material acceptance. Rate of payment is determined on each individual submission and is based upon, but not limited to, article length, quality, complexity, timeliness and number of photos or graphics. ANVIL Magazine payments range from $25.00 to $250.00.

Address questions concerning ANVIL Magazine submissions to:

Editorial Submissions: Rob Edwards, Publisher and Managing Editor

Submission Payments: JoAnne Edwards, Accounting

ANVIL MagazineOffice: 800-94-ANVIL

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