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Crothers Repeats Win in Calgary
World Championship Blacksmith Competition.

EaglesTM by Perfect Stride by Michael Wildenstein
The shoe was developed to improve traction while eliminating shock.

Splitting Steel by Nol Putnam, photos by Rob Edwards
Simple steps for basic skills demonstrated at ABANA '96.
This article contains a number of excellent photographs, and will take between two and five minutes to download. The wait is well worth it.

ABANA '96 Snapshots photos by Rob Edwards
The actors and the action.

Hoof Balance & Lameness: Foot Bruising & Limb Contact by Olin Balch, DVM, PhD, et al
The critical role of the farrier in managing gait and limb-contact problems is described and documented.

Shoe for the Next Shoeing by Diana Mead Jordan
Mitch Taylor elaborates on his approach to farrier education at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School.

Cyberspace for Shoers by David Millwater
Illustrated tour of the Internet, complete with glossary.

Pacer Shoeing by Conformation A video review by Rob Edwards
B. Griffin, F.W.C.F., details his unique approach to shoeing pacers by using conformation measurements.

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Blasts from the Bloomery - The Web & You

Editorial - Turn off the Bubble Machine by Diana Mead Jordan

Interview with Gene Ovnicek by Rob Edwards