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An Interview with Gene Ovnicek, RJF
Reading the Bottom of the Hoof
story and photos by Gabrielle Pullen

Allen's Drop-Hammer
by Perry D. Allen

FLAX: An Aid in Preventing Founder
by Heather Smith Thomas

42nd annual NOMMA convention and
trade show
by Todd Daniel

Shoeing and Hoof Care - Part 3
Howard Beissinger

Miscellaneous Works of Brian Brazeal
photos by Rob Edwards

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Blasts from the Bloomery
In Memory of Bill Pieh

A Fair Price
by Jerry Hoffmann

Letters to the Editor

Interview with Gary Brown
Part 2
by Rob Edwards
photos by Rob Hutas and
Susan Edwards

Book Review
"The Axe and Man"
by Charles A. Heavrin
reviewed by David W. Wilson

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