Crossword Puzzle #6 At The Forging Press

c 2000 Richard Klimesh

Published in the December 2000 Issue of Anvil Magazine

2. an abrasive disk used for cutting metal: ________ wheel
7. placing material within the point of operation
8. a narrow strip of wood or other soft material with a notch cut into one end, used
to push short pieces of material through saws
11. one complete cycle of a slide
14. compressed and used to power some hammers and other tools
15. used in die setting to manually turn the crankshaft of the press: ________ bar
17. the main reciprocating press member; also called a ram, plunger, or platen
18. uses mechanical or hydraulic pressure to shape metal between dies: forging ________
21. deactivates the clutch control and activates the brake to halt slide motion: ________
22. sources of power including steam, gas, oil, and air engines, motors, steam and
hydraulic turbines: prime ________
25. moves belts between pulleys: belt ________
27. a plate or block upon which a die holder is mounted
29. another term for a knockout
30. stops and/or holds the crankshaft of a press or other machine when the clutch is
31. abrasive wheels bonded by clay, glass, porcelain, sodium silicate, magnesium
oxychloride, or metal. ________ wheels
33. removing flash or excess metal from a forging
34. used to transmit power from a remote source to a specific machine
1. an unintended successive stroke of a press resulting from a malfunction (say again?)
3. forging machines which apply forming energy horizontally to a workpiece gripped by
4. person who places or removes dies in or from mechanical power presses: die ________
5. lubricants
6. type of drive with no clutch
9. a mechanism for removing the parts or material from the punch
10. used to release material from a die
12. to activate the clutch and run the press; also a Little Giant hammer
13. type of forging hammer with the anvil assembly on its own foundation separate from
the operating mechanism: ________ frame
16. used for shaping weldless rings: ring ________ (also good with
17. drop hammer where the ram is raised by pressure from heating water: ________
18. used to shift belts on and off fixed pulleys; also called a belt shipper: belt ________
19. where material is actually positioned and work is being performed: point of ________
20. die ________: a tool holder held in alignment by guide posts and bushings and
consisting of a lower shoe and an upper shoe or punch holder
21. inserted between the upper and lower dies to prevent the slide from falling of its own
dead weight: ________ block
23. grinding which removes relatively large amounts of material without regard to close
tolerances or surface finish requirements
24. grooved pulleys
25. stroking ________: the part of the clutch/brake control that determines the type of
26. barrier that prevents entry of the operator's hands or fingers into the point of operation
28. a forging hammer with a free-falling ram: ________ hammer
32. the tooling used in a press for cutting or forming material

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