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Bruce Northridge - In Memory
by Linda and Lowell Chaput

The Blacksmith's Finish Line:
Farewell to Harry Patton

by Fran Jurga

Rebuilding a Little Giant Power Hammer
Part 2
by Sid Suedmeier and Fred Caylor
photos by Rob Edwards

Pedal Osteitis
by Richard Dunivant
X-rays contributed by Dr. James Garfinkel

Shoein' for a Livin'
Part II of a Miserable Assignment
by Andy Juell

At the Forging Press
Crossword Puzzle

by Richard Klimesh

That Rhythmic Ping, Ping, Ping Lingers
by Louis Cozby

Butt Caps and the Knife Sheath
Last of a 6-part series
by Donald J. Ferdinand

The Rich and Wealthy Shoer
by Risky Betts

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Letters To The Editor

Calendar of Events

Interview with Fred Caylor
Part 2 of a two-part interview
by Rob Edwards

Book Review
The Golden Age of Ironwork

by Henry Jonas Magaziner
reviewed by Chuck Hamsa

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