101 Metal Projects for the Novice Blacksmith

written & published by Al Canella
1310 Walter Reed Road
Cookeville, Tennessee 38501 USA
Loose leaf notebook, 131 pages, illustrated, $29.00 ($29.50 postpaid Canada)
Reviewed by Diana Mead Jordan
This review was published in the November, 1996 issue of ANVIL Magazine

The title tells the story. Novice blacksmiths will find basic metal projects designed to advance their forging abilities. Al Canella is an artist-blacksmith of 12 years, attributing his inspiration to pursue the art more seriously to when he became an active member of the Appalachian Area Chapter of ABANA. Especially over the past few years, he has watched as the interest in blacksmithing has grown. And this notebook is his contribution to newcomers þ simple, well illustrated instructions to make a clinker fire poker, a dinner bell clapper, a three-scroll trivet, horseshoe bookends, a coat rack and many more.

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