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FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions
by David Millwater
Whys & wherefores of The Guild of Professional Farriers.

Shoeing Competitions: Do they improve farriery?by Tyrone Benson
Controversial view of shoeing competitions.

BRAIN FOOD - Book & Video Reviews
Farriery Book Reviews:
A Handbook of Horse-shoeing by Jno. A.W. Dollar
Hickman's Farriery, A Complete Illustrated Guide, Second Edition by John Hickman, MA, FRCVS, Hon. FWCF & Martin Humphrey, BVMS, MRCVS, Dip. WCF
The Horse: The Foot, Shoeing & Lameness by Julie Brega
Identification, Analysis & Correction of Gait Faults by J. Scott Simpson
Look It Up compiled by Equine GraphicsTM Publishing
Practical Scientific Horseshoeing, Seventh Edition by Prof. William Russell
Sunday on the Farm by Bruce B. Daniels

Farriery Video Reviews:
Pacer Shoeing by Conformation by B. Griffin, F.W.C.F.
Horseshoeing Iron & Forge Work by Dr. Doug Butler, PhD, CJF, FWCF
Welding Clips with a Wire-feed Welder by Richard Klimesh, CJF

Blacksmithing Book Reviews:
101 Metal Projects for the Novice Blacksmith by Al Canella
The Artist - Blascksmith' Craft, My Life as an Artist - Blacksmith by Julius Schramm
Forge - Practice by John Lord Bacon
Professional Smithing by Don Streeter
Welding Technology Fundamentals by William A. Bowditch & Keven E. Bowditch

Blacksmithing Video Reviews:
Basic Blacksmithing with Hershel House produced by J.W. Wright
Blacksmiths Journal's Techniques, Volume One produced by Jerry Hoffman
Damascus by Bill Moran
The Damascus Road by Don Ferdinand

Veterinary/Technical Book Reviews:
International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds by Bonnie L. Hendricks
The Lame Horse - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment by James R. Rooney, DVM
No Foot - No Horse III by the Equine Research Centre, University of Guelph
Veterinary Manual for the Performance Horse by Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Why Does My Horse...? by Paul McGreevy

Veterinary/Technical Video Reviews:
Equine Foot Studies by Chris Pollitt, BVSc, Ph
Hands On with Mary Bromiley - Muscles, Massage & Magnetism by Equestrian Vision

Used Shoes: Scrap Iron or the Makin's of The Perfect Gift
photos & story by Floyd Allen
Something to do with a mountain of shoes.

Evaluation of the Hoof & Foot Relevant to Purchase
by G.F. "Andy" Anderson, DVM
Comprehensive look at the philosophy, procedures & interpretation of the pre-purchase exam.

Tie That Anvil Down!
by Jane Cloutier
Major safety tip.

Harmony at Hunewill
by Carol Carrier Chappell
The ultimate farrier clinic, with comments by Brian Bell, coordinator of this very successful annual event.

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Blasts from the Bloomery - Where have all the Real People Gone?
by Emil Carré

Editorial - The Cowboy & the Concrete
by Keith Seeley


Interview with Chris Marks
by Robert M. Heath


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