Hands On with Mary Bromiley - Muscles, Massage & Magnetism

Equestrian Vision
The Street, Cowfold
Horsham, West Sussex RH13 8BP Great Britain
Video, 60 minutes in length, $34.95
Reviewed by Diana Mead Jordan
This review was published in the November, 1996 issue of ANVIL Magazine

This video was sponsored and produced by Norfields Magnetic Health Care Products, which places a long advertisement at the beginning. After that, Mary Bromiley clearly demonstrates step by step how to properly massage a horse, a process which includes an anatomy lesson on a live horse. The horse's responses to the massage can be seen. This internationally recognized equine physiotherapist, a 25-year practitioner, then covers magnetic therapy. Finally, of particular value to farriers, Bromiley demonstrates passive leg stretches designed to improve the suppleness of the moving parts. Here she shows how to pick up each leg and stretch it forward and back as a limbering exercise before mounting the horse for the ride. It appears that these exercises may be useful for the horse that has difficulty holding its leg up for any length of time. Hitches or stiffness in the joints or muscles may be preventing the horse from accommodating the farrier. Bromiley teaches these procedures with the safety of both horse and handler in mind.

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