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ABANA Artist - Blacksmith's Association of North America
ABANA Marketplace New Resource Center for Blacksmith Supplies, Schools, and Learning
Anvil Brand Shoe Co. Farrier and Blacksmithing Supplies - Online Catalog
Castle Plastics Industry Leader in Hoof Pads Since 1911
Centaur Forge, Ltd. Farrier and Blacksmithing Supplies - Online Ordering
E-3 Blue Green Algae  Earth's Essential Elements
Equine Digit Support System  The Home of Natural Balance Hoofcare!
Delta Horseshoe Company Farrier and Blacksmithing Supplies - Online Catalog
Farrier Science Clinic Clinically Proven Hoof Supplements & Treatments - NU-FOOT & Fungidye 
Little Giant/Mayers Bros. Rebuilt and Replacement Parts for the Little Giant
Ken Davis and Sons - Farrier Tools and Supplies - Online Catalog
Kentucky Blacksmith, Farrier, & Veterinary Supply - Online Ordering
Mustad, Inc. Performance Products from "The Hoof Care People"
NC Tool Company
 Farrier Tools and Supplies
Simonds Industries A Farrier Industry Standard for Over a Century
Striker Tool Co. Power Hammers and Other Heavy-Duty Machine Tools
The Victory Racing Plate Company The Shoes That Changed Racing
Thoro' Bred  Full Catalog with Online Ordering
TRG Tool Co. Keeping the Cutting Edge for Over a Century
St. Croix Forge Inc. Farrier and Blacksmithing Supplies - Online Catalog
Washoe Valley Farriers Supply Farrier and Blacksmithing Supplies - Online Catalog
Sierra Farrier Supply Farrier Supplies Serving the Western States - Online Ordering

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