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Joining The Anvil Online Market Place
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Please note: terms and conditions subject to change.

As a Vendor, Retailer, or Manufacturer, we encourage you to join The Anvil Online Marketplace.

The membership fee for regular Anvil Magazine Advertisers is $ 360..00 per year ($30.00 per month), billed in one payment upon application for membership. A regular advertiser must meet a minimum advertising budget of 12, 1/12 page advertisements. Additional ad configurations and payment options are also available.

We believe that advertising on a regular basis in Anvil Magazine and being a participant in The Anvil Online Marketplace gives each advertiser a full spectrum of marketing venues.

Membership benefits:

24 hour a day Internet presence on our Web site "branding" your Company Name and Company Web site.

Member Web site promotion with direct Web site links in the Anvil Online Marketplace area.

Member highlighting with direct Web site and Email links in the Industry Resource Guide.

Participation in the Anvil Online Marketplace Banner Program.(optional fee's per placement)

One detailed visitor traffic report every month. This will include the number of times an anvilmag.com visitor clicks on a Marketplace members links to go to their Web site as well as the number of times the Market area was accessed.

Anvil Magazine print advertising promoting the Anvil Online Marketplace

Some Questions and Answers

We already have a very nice web site and have made a substantial investment in its creation and deployment. How do we get more traffic?

We support your efforts and have little doubt that your investment, regardless of cost, was a wise one. As an Anvil Online Marketplace member, we will promote your Web site in our Marketplace, Industry Resource Guide, and Anvil Magazine print advertising to encourage our visitor traffic to visit your Web site. Joining the Anvil Online Marketplace will boost your Web site visitor traffic. It’s that simple!

We do not yet have a Web site. It is on the planning board, in the works, or not yet initiated. How can the Anvil Online Marketplace help us?

If you do not yet have a Web site or have one under development, we will create a tasteful Web page for you to use in the interim. Send us some pictures of your product(s) and a company profile or history and we will host a Web page for you until you make your debut. Additional full Web site services are also available for additional fees. Joining the Anvil Online Marketplace will launch your Internet presence. It’s that simple!

Some additional Internet Insights

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments

Ph: 530-333-2142
Ph: 1-800-94-ANVIL
Fax: 530-333-2906

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