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Effective December 1st, 2002, Anvil Magazine has discontinued publication of a printed version of Anvil Magazine and will continue, when possible, to provide new publications within this web site as Anvil Magazine Online. Our Internet circulation is more than ten times that of the printed magazine and it has been determined that we will better serve our readership and advertisers using this more cost effective format.

You may subscribe to our full content archives of Anvil Online for $24.50 for one year. Our Full Content area contains 3 complete years of Anvil Magazine. August 1999 through September 2002. This includes 34 Complete Issues. You will be emailed a username and password for our Full Content area within 24 hours. Credit Card transactions are processed by PayPal.

By Mail: Send a check or money order in the amount of $24.50 to:
Sebastian Publishing
6690 Wentworth Springs Rd.
Georgetown CA 95634
Please be sure to include your valid email address



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$24.50 US / year

Our Full Content initiative began August 1999 which effectively grants any new subscriber three full years of Anvil Magazine Online content.