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Some Internet Insights
by Anvil Magazine and Sierra Software Services

An Internet Web site can present an absolutely huge amount of product information, pictures, history, information, or whatever for as little as $ 10.00 a month (bare hosting charges only). This information is available 24 hrs. a day, 365 days a year to anyone in the world. Where else can you buy marketing like this, at this cost? Nowhere!

We should take a moment to point out that, on average, most Internet site “hosting charges” for small to medium size businesses range from between $ 20.00 and $ 100.00 per month depending on the different options that are implemented: Secure server, e-commerce issues, traffic statistics, and size. In addition, Web site creation, and monthly maintenance charges, can often add to these expenses. Also, we are not talking about “major media hype players” like amazon.com, who still have not shown a profit. A wild guess as to their start-up Web costs might be $ 250,000.00, with a monthly maintenance of $ 50,000.00. Ah, Venture Capital!

Our www.anvilmag.com Web site is a huge site and it changes monthly because we publish monthly. If you are interested in some bare bones facts, the “hosting charge” for our entire site, including traffic statistics and secure server for credit card negotiations, is only $ 37.50 month. However, we spend many times this amount per month maintaining our site, because our entity changes monthly.

The Internet Hype Syndrome:

We feel strongly that the media at large has contributed to some major misunderstandings with regard to the Internet phenomenon and the value of having a web site.

We initially launched the www.anvilmag.com to enhance Anvil Magazine. Our goal was to support our product, our readers, and to allow our readers an alternate source for input and output with us.

We have been very successful in this endeavor and have developed a large visitor following.

Different kinds of businesses will obviously have different kinds of information to offer. Yes, a product vendor is different from a monthly publication and will therefore have different Internet related challenges and objectives.

We truly believe that the world is somewhat awash with “media hype” about the Internet. You will hear about the “big guns” and the little ones that all of a sudden get big. This tends to draw attention to the quick success lure as opposed to the more important issue.

Your products, your image, your customer support, your dedication, your unyielding desire to excel in what you have to offer, your overall marketing plan, your conventional advertising, and your total commitment to your enterprise - these are the success builders.

Time after time we hear a familiar tune. “We just developed and launched a great Web site but we are having trouble getting or increasing traffic”.

We are convinced that you have taken the correct first step. Increasing Web site traffic takes time. It requires a multi-tiered approach. As your customers learn that they can always find you, anytime anywhere, traffic will increase. As they learn that they can email an order, ask a question, or order online, they will use these features, particularly, if it is after hours and they need the items or information ASAP.

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