Professional Smithing

by Don Streeter
The Astragal Press
P.O. Box 239
Mendham, New Jersey 07945 USA
201-543-3045, fax: 201-543-3044
Softbound, 144 pages, illustrated, $22.95
Reviewed by Diana Mead Jordan
This review was published in the November, 1996 issue of ANVIL Magazine

This manual was written by a professional smith with over 50 years of blacksmithing experience, written for the novice and the journeyman. Don Streeter provides a photographic account of his own well-designed shop, emphasizing efficiency and providing various options with three different types of anvils, many, many hand tools, each for its own unique work, and a separate well-lighted work bench for delicate work. He covers all the important tools, giving special attention to hammer control. Very soon, the reader will find page after page of projects presented with photographs which illustrate the steps for building each piece. Most of the pieces are simple, featuring just a few important construction elements which the student is encouraged to copy. Thus, Streeter provides lots of practice in the basics. Yet, every single piece as displayed has its elegance. This treasure chest is meant to be enjoyed by those who appreciate fine ironwork.

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