Welding Technology Fundamentals

by William A. Bowditch & Keven E. Bowditch
the Goodheart-Willcox Co., Inc.
18604 West Creek Drive
Tinley Park, Illinois 60477 USA
Hardbound, 368 pages, illustrated, $34.60
Reviewed by Diana Mead Jordan
This review was published in the November, 1996 issue of ANVIL Magazine

William and Kevin are father and son. They are both inventors and have extensive specialized education in welding. They have teamed up to create a first-class comprehensive textbook on welding technology for apprentices and journeymen. While this book may generally be beyond the scope of the blacksmith, more and more, welding techniques are being incorporated into some sculpting activities as well as farriery. Some new portable welders are making that possible for the artist or farrier who works alone and often in the field. The chapters on welding and cutting processes, the physics of welding, weld joints and positions, as well as safety, may be of particular interest. Each chapter ends with open-book review questions. There is an accompanying workbook and teacher's guide designed for class work.

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