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The New Rig
by Matthew Taimuty

Burney Chapman: A Pictorial Tribute

Family Business Tax Savings
by Mark E. Battersby

Garden Sculpture Blacksmithing How-To
by Doug Hendrickson
photos by Rob Edwards

The Full Employment for Blacksmiths Proposal
by Peter Fels

Equine Laminitis: An Update on its Causes
by Christopher C. Pollitt, BVSc, PhD

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Blasts From the Bloomery
Fourteen Things to do Before Becoming a Farrier
by Carol R. Thomas

Interview with Frank Turley, Part I
by Rob Edwards

Calendar of Events

Are You Y2K Compatible?
by Andy Juell

Letters to the Editor

Book Review
The Complete Modern Blacksmith
by Alexander G. Weygers
Reviewed by Chuck Hamsa

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