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World Blacksmiths Championship

Rebuilding A Little Giant Power Hammer
Part 1

by Sid Suedmeier and Fred Caylor
photos by Rob Edwards

Dealing With Hoof Growth
by Walt Koepisch

Anvil Casting
by Russell Jaqua
photos by Robert Gibeau

The Double Standard...
by Larry Davis

Forget About Balance And Make
Bunches Of Grapes
by Kevin Fahey

Mustad Funds Permanent Farrier Facility
by Fran Jurga

Movement - Crossword Puzzle
by Richard Klimesh

Fitting The Grip Part 5 of a 6-part series
by Donald J. Ferdinand

The Making Of Horseshoes
compiled by Herb Buecher photos by Wade Pearce

© 2000 Anvil Magazine

Blasts From The Bloomery
Coincidences? In the public domain
from the Internet

Reasons to be Thankful
by the late Bill Pieh

Letters To The Editor

INTERVIEW With Fred Caylor
Part 1 of a two-part interview
by Rob Edwards

Book Reviews
From Forge & Anvil
by Candace Leslie Roycroft
Art Metal
by Kevin McConnell
Keeping The Older Horse Young
by Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD

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