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The Farrier and the Fly
by Matt Taimuty, CJF

Controlling Flies
by Heather Smith Thomas

Restoration of Leg Vises Part 2
by James R. Melchor and Peter M. Ross

Crossword Puzzle
"Daily Grind"
by Richard Klimesh

Jerry Hoffmann:
Hammering Out Design from Conception
to Finished Product

by Gabrielle Pullen

Team Work!
by Kathleen Poor

Calgary Stampede
New World Champion Named
in Blacksmith Final

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Blasts From The Bloomery
The Thermodynamics of Hell
In the Public Domain from the Internet


The Horse Shoer
by Mac McArthur

Letters to the Editor

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Book Review
Bowies, Big Knives and
the Best of Battle Blades

by Bill Bagwell
reviewed by Chuck Hamsa

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